Welcome to TSC Capital

TSC Capital (Pty) Ltd (“TSC Capital”) is a private investment and advisory entity primarily focusing on arranging, participating in and managing private equity investments in the small private to mid-tier market. TSC Capital was set up by Anton Millar after having spent 20 years in financial markets covering all aspects of Investment Banking. TSC Capital brings its own capital and capital from other individual participants.

The strategy is to invest on a partnership basis in a diversified portfolio that takes advantage of the growth prospects offered in sub-Saharan Africa. The investment focus is on true private equity investment and then to focus with management on utilising a vast network including other investors to maximise the value of the investments for all stakeholders. The focus is on equity investments with a longer term investment horizon.

Investment Strategy

  • TSC Capital will invest in any investment arranged by TSC Capital

  • TSC Capital will be actively involved in the underlying investment either as TSC Capital or in partnership with other capital providers

  • TSC Capital does not actively seek distressed related investments